SMEICC Live 2020

Although the physical SMEICC event could not take place in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we brought the SME and Infocomm Commerce Conference LIVE onto the online platform.

SMEICC LIVE 2020 presented 18 webinar tracks over 4 days, bringing together 55 expert industry speakers to share on re-strategising and building resilience for businesses in the aftermath of the covid-19.  The live conference examined the state of change for businesses as global economies gradually reopen, discussing whether companies would be able to regain some form of normalcy or has previous business models and leadership styles been rendered irrelevant, and what steps leaders can take to adjust to the next normal.

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Webinar Tracks

SMEICC Live 2020

Rethinking & Reshaping Your Company to the "Next" Future


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10.00AM - 12.00PM






10.00AM - 12.00PM





GOGOX 联合创办人







Although the Circuit Breaker has ended and more economies are opening up, the pandemic hasn’t shown signs of easing. It is thus highly critical for businesses to take a long-standing view of what they should digitalise to stay operational, as well as to combat future pandemics or potential economic slowdowns. Join our experts and business leaders as they share how to go about a pandemic-resilient digitalisation.


Prof Tan Sze Wee
Assistant Chief Executive, Enterprise

Mr Logan Tan

CEO & Founder

Mr Derek Tong

General Manager

Cre8tec Pte Ltd

Fireside Chat Moderator:

Mr Daniel Ng

Managing Director

OMNI Integra

2.30PM - 4.30PM

COVID-19 has accelerated geopolitical trends and significantly altered the business landscape. How have the playing field changed globally, in particular for China and Singapore? How can business leaders re-strategise and adapt in the face of challenges brought by increased instability and market volatility? Learn from experts on how the pandemic has changed globalisation and the ways businesses can prepare for the Next Future.


Ms Pamela Qiu
Director, Economist Corporate Network, South-East Asia
The Economist

Mr James Wey
Managing Director & Head of Southeast Asia
J.P. Morgan Private Bank in Asia

Mr Zhu Haibin
Managing Director, Chief China Economist & Head of Greater China Economic Research
J.P. Morgan

Mr Frank Phuan
CEO, Executive Director
Sunseap Group Pte Ltd


Prof. Annie Koh
Professor of Finance (Practice) and VP, Business Development,
Singapore Management University

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The new era of mobility is here now. Adopting a digital-first/mobile-first approach is fast accelerated in the current COVID-19 situation. Businesses are no longer business as usual. How will the next-gen technology transform the future of businesses and power AR & VR to the next level? Discover how these technologies can help you transform the workspace and workforce engagement.


Mr Sebastian Tan
Head, 5G Solutions, Enterprise Business Group
StarHub Ltd

Mr Jackson Soh
Solution Architect
– IT & Mobile
Samsung Pte Ltd

Dr Shah Kwok Wei Asst Professor, Dept of Building, School of Design and

Dr Vinn Prabhu
Deputy Director of Digital Engineering, School of Engineering

10.00AM - 12.00PM

In the post-COVID world, some megatrends and behavioural shifts are expected to carry forward, transforming industries, companies and customers permanently. Businesses who are able to evolve to changing market conditions and demands will hold the key to thriving in the next future. What is in the business blueprint of leaders to move their companies from survival to growth?


Mr Vaughan Ryan
Director, Consumer Intelligence, Asia

Mr Jonatas Melo
Senior Vice President, Asia South

Mr Sean Tan
True Group


Mr Steve Stine
Managing Director, Inside Asia Advisors and Director
Asia Corporate Leadership Council

As an SME preparing your business for the post-COVID-19 future, what if you discovered the ultimate success formula to take your business to the next level and ensure your long-term financial success? Discover the Golden Triangle of Massive Business Success, a formula that builds a strong company culture, a strong brand and creates ultra-loyal customers to help unleash your full business potential.


Mr Ashok Miranda
Business Transformation Architect, Founder
Transform and Transcend

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When we are faced with unexpected situations like the Covid-19 outbreak, there may be challenges to keep your business going. While no one knows when we will head out of the Covid-19 doldrums, your business will need to continue to operate and recover from the fall in activity earlier this year. Speakers will share on how you can look to integrate solutions that will enable you to connect and collaborate with one another in a digital world and also to keep businesses protected from cyber-attackers exploiting the uncertainty of the situation.


Mr Joel Yap
Segment Marketing, SMB
Singtel Group Enterprise

Ms Clara Tan
Segment Marketing, SMB
Singtel Group Enterprise

2.30PM - 4.30PM

As we welcome the next Future of Work, will the jobs that we know now still exist a few years down the road? How can leaders help employees to prepare for the evolution of jobs, and what skills are needed in this digitalised world? With working from home becoming the new work arrangement, is burnout a valid concern since WFH is commonly perceived as decreased productivity by business owners?


Ms Megan Stokes
Senior Principal Consultant, Transformation and Knowledge Management
TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific

Ms Krystal Tang
Consultant, Wellness & Partnerships
Mercer Marsh Benefits™

Ms Nicole Zycinski-Singh
Managing Director
Killem Pest


Mr Michael Jenkins
CEO & Co-Founder
Expert Humans




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In the digital age, data is the most valuable asset of any company. How do you get value from your data in a way that’s AI-driven, built for cloud and delivered as a service? Businesses can now reimagine their workplace infrastructure that provides enterprise-class performance and built-in data protection with extreme efficiency. Through this webinar, grasp the importance of AI in building your next chapter & its ability to predict and prevent infrastructure problems before they happen – simplifies IT, saving time and costs. Lastly, find out how HPE financial assistance schemes can help SMBs in IT adoption procurement during Covid-19.


Ms Doreen Goh
Head, SMB & Mid-Market Segment Business
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Mr Greg Chong
Regional Partner Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Financial Services

Mr Cham Choon Xye
Solution Architect
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Mr Macmillan Kosasih
Sales Director
Trillium Technologies

10.00AM - 12.00PM

The COVID-19 outbreak has seen many local businesses and entrepreneurs stepping up and responding to the crisis with tenacity. Learn how these business owners coped with the immediate challenges and surpassed themselves to innovate, move and pivot in the face of crisis. How has the playing field changed for them, and what strategies are they planning moving forward in preparation of future disruptions?


Mr Reuben Ang
Managing Director
Hesed & Emet Holdings

Mr Kent Teo
Founder & CEO
Invade Industry

Mr Loh Chi Jie
Siege Advanced Manufacturing


Mr Tay Woon Teck
Managing Director, Business Consulting
RSM Singapore

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The current challenging business climate has driven organisations to look towards digital transformation to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis and prepare for recovery. However, as organisations shift focus towards digitalisation, exposure to cyber threats is bound to increase. How can organisations leverage the flexibility and agility that digitalisation affords without compromising on security? How can you use IoT-aaS and Edge Cloud on a dynamic and defendable network to remodel and accelerate business transformation?


Ms Wang Kangni
Assistant Director, IoT, Business Development

Ms Valerie Lee
MaCh eX Pte Ltd

Mr Jonas Walker
Security Strategist
Fortinet Inc

Mr David Wang
Assistant Director, InfoSecurity

2.30PM - 4.30PM

With border restrictions enforced due to the pandemic, supply chains are disrupted, inventories are challenged, and travel is expected to be limited in the near future. How flexible is your business in pivoting and creating essential and/or potentially new products? Are there opportunities for your business to innovate and re-shape your service delivery? Join our experts as they share insights on innovation in the midst of crisis.


Dr Roland Lim
Principal Research Engineer, Manufacturing Systems Division

Mr Toh Ming Hon
Senior Consultant, Manufacturing Systems Division

Dr Tan Puay Siew
Division Director, Manufacturing Systems Division




10.00AM - 12.00PM

Digital communications have never been so hastily and extensively adopted until this pandemic. With companies facing unique challenges in the current climate, this session will cover how businesses can structure their organization to utilize digital marketing as a key growth lever, identify opportunities to stay ahead, as well as best-in-class practices on how to leverage digital platforms to respond effectively. Join our experts as they share how your business should relook your current digital marketing communications to reach out to your target audience online.


Mr Frank Ng
ex Regional Performance Marketing Manager

Ms Denise Woo
Regional Marketing, Merchant Lead

In Partnership with

As more business, operations, customer servicing and development is done remotely, top priority is for organisations to stay open for business. Teams need to be enabled to stay productive and secure from anywhere, rapidly adapt business processes, stay engaged with customers, keep developers up and running – all while securing and managing access to apps, devices, and data. Hear from technology experts and customers as they share how best to respond, restart, and rebuild in this new reality – the best way to move forward is together.


Mr Justin Chan
Modern Workplace Technologist Strategist

Mr Sandeep Basu
Senior Product Marketing Lead, Dynamics Commerce

Mr Patrik Bihammar
Senior Business Group Lead – Cloud Enterprise

Fireside Chat Moderator:

Ms Karine Lim
Customer Program Manager

2.30PM - 4.30PM

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The US-China Trade War, Brexit and now Covid-19 pandemic is set to further challenge the status quo of global trade. With global supply chains not operating “business-as-usual” and service industries including logistics are severely impact by partial lockdowns, can cross-border trading be the “new catalyst to economic recovery”?

Much is evolving in global trade as technology is developing at an extreme pace in today’s world. Technology provides valuable insights for our businesses at our fingertips, streamlines how we communicate with internal and external stakeholders, automates data storage, analysis and sharing, as well as promotes mobility to support ‘work from home’. It allows for speed, efficiency and agility in how traders work.


Mr Mike Yap
Vice President, Product (Compliance Services) & Mass Market Sales
GeTS Asia Pte Ltd

Mr Ho Jun Cheng
Product Manager
GeTS Asia Pte Ltd

Mr Toh Yong Yeow
Senior Client Solutions Specialist
GeTS Asia Pte Ltd

Mr Mohamed Uvaise
Senior Product Manager
GeTS Asia Pte Ltd

Mr Alex Lew
Fintech Director
GeTS Asia Pte Ltd


Mr Samuel Lee
Director, Digital Channels & Strategic Alliances
GeTS Asia Pte Ltd

Things are constantly changing during these disruptive times and leaders have to recognise that traditional leadership styles may no longer be relevant in the post-COVID world. As digital communication becomes more widely used, how should leaders communicate and motivate their employees on the virtual platform? What must they do to reinvent themselves and effectively lead their teams into the “Next Normal”?


Dr. Sandy Chong
Director / Principal Consultant
Verity Consulting