2019 Edition

The 21st Annual SME Conference, 22nd Infocomm Commerce Conference and SME Expo 2019 brought together on impressive lineup of 81 exhibitors and 108 speakers over 31 conference tracks.

SMEICC 2019.

Global Innovation: Navigating the new future

Last year, SMEICC discussed how The New Future brings both vast inventive possibilities and unprecedented business challenges.

The playing field is reshaping towards an open world unrestricted by geographies, industries and traditional hierarchies. Businesses must adopt an adaptive mindset and innovate nimble strategies to tackle the dynamics interplaying between companies, stakeholders, business models and the global value chains.

Min Chan Chun Sing

30 Minutes

of Ministerial Dialogue with Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Trade & Industry.

100 Hours

of Panel Discussion and 32 hours of Workshops conducted over 2 days.

37+ Stories

of transformation and entrepreneurship by SME towkays.

200+ Questions

of Panel Discussions and 32 hours of Workshop conudcted over 2 days.

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