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13 September 2022 | 2022 年 9 月 13 日


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Hall 406, Level 4, Suntec Singapore | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心 4楼 406展厅



SMEICC Conference Opening

Hall 406, Level 4, Suntec Singapore | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心 4楼 406展厅

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Mr Kho Choon Keng, President, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry

新加坡中华总商会会长 高泉庆先生

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In Conversation –
SCCCI President Mr Kho Choon Keng and Guest-of-Honour

Powering Up Collaboration to Evolve for the Future

In an increasingly dynamic and digital world, innovation and disruption work in tandem. We welcome a new age of frictionless business where partnerships pave the way for business transformation and advancement. No single organisation can deliver truly exceptional value alone. Businesses must trade their past silos for the power of collaboration to evolve for the future. President Kho Choon Keng engages the Guest-of-Honour in conversation to connect the dots between people and tools to identify, develop and deliver next-generation value.



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新形态商业模式:协同创新  凝聚动能 永续发展
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心

Drivers and Barriers to Going “Green” for SMEs
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心
As the journey towards a green future deepens, SMEs increasingly need to adopt a regenerative business model.   Sustainability is not just your obligation to the environment but makes good business sense.

How can local business sectors be empowered to adopt a holistic approach amidst uncertainty over costs and risks?
Establish Your Digital Core to Future Proof Your Business
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心

The global endemic has brought about the highest level of digital adoption over the last two decades as businesses and consumers transit online when the physical world battles with lockdowns. Businesses that digitalised and survived are expected to thrive, while those who did nothing may be left behind for good.

Join our experts as they share the critical fabrics of business that requires urgent ‘digital rejuvenation’ if yet to be done as the transition towards a digital-first world accelerates.

Trailblazers Ahead of Time
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心
Meet the game-changers who have managed to thrive during some of the hardest storms in recent history. What can businesses learn from their experiences and strategies, and subsequently adapt for themselves?

Glean insights from their stories to propel you and your business ahead.



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Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心

Beyond Traditional Mean$ for Business Expansion
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心
In recent years, we have witnessed the completion of some of the biggest fundraising rounds and the birth of ground-breaking collaborations in the start-up sector.

What are the critical takeaways for SMEs? How can the power of strategic partnerships and non-traditional means of business financing be the new way of winning ahead?
Making Business Sense out of Emerging Technological Trends
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心
What is metaverse? Why is everyone so excited about Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) really taking over the world? What does all these technologies mean to your business?

Join our experts and leaders as they explain, in business context, what these emerging technologies are – whether they are still just hype, or there are indeed valid and important business cases which majority of businesses may be missing out.
Complement your Business Growth with the Government’s Initiatives
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心
While businesses have to grapple constantly with a rapidly changing business environment and increasingly competitive markets, they can take comfort in not having to work in silos. Hear from various government agencies on how your business can work in tandem with their initiatives to speed up growth in the new reality.

14 September 2022 | 2022 年 9 月 14 日



Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心

Workforce Reimagined: Competing Forces Shaping the Future of Work
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心
The pandemic has changed the way we work. All indications point to the future of work as inevitably hybrid. However, getting it right in practice is a challenge that most businesses face.

How can businesses create productive hybrid workplaces that effectively engage staff, and foster innovation, agility and collaboration within the organisation?
The Future is Data: Capitalising on the Power of Smart Data and Digital Ecosystems
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心
We often hear about the increasing importance of data and analytics for businesses. But are we leveraging effectively to create innovative data-driven business models? Embracing digital technology is not confined to making ad-hoc changes and investments in the digital arena but fully capturing the different values that digital technologies offer.

Join the panel of speakers who will share insights on the importance of data as the main driver for business growth and the impact on business in a data-rich environment.



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Writing the Next Chapter of Regionalisation and Globalisation to Thrive Ahead
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心
In an ever-evolving world, businesses constantly face the complexity of globalisation and a barrage of geopolitical tensions, rising costs, supply chain disruption, inflation and keeping up with customer and industry demands.

Can regionalisation and globalisation play complementary roles to each other? How can businesses bounce back and stay resilient in times of crisis? Join the panel of speakers who will discuss the future of regionalisation and globalisation in the new reality, the disruptions to anticipate and the opportunities it will present in the future.
Maximising Digital Marketing ROI in the Era of Digital Privacy
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心
Are you finding it harder to reach your audience in the digital space, even with paid advertising & good content? On-going digital privacy concerns amidst regulators and consumers have resulted in tweaks by tech companies to stay compliant but are causing ‘pain’ to advertisers.

Join our industry experts as they share on the evolving marketing landscape and how businesses must innovatively use data amidst regulatory compliance to achieve desired business goals effectively.
Investing in Social Good: A Win-Win Proposition for Businesses?
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre | 新达城新加坡会议与展览中心
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is often pegged as a one-off activity instead of a viable business model. How can leaders move beyond conventional approaches towards Total Societal Impact (TSI) to achieve returns on both their bottom line and society?

Hear the stories of how these companies leveraged their company’s strengths to transform their sustainability strategy and strengthen their business in the process.