Re-set. Re-balance. Re-newal.

The business environment has gone through a massive shift in a year of change and transformation effected by the pandemic. To rise up to the continual technological advances, changing consumerism and global challenges, leaders must re-set their thinking, re-balance business priorities and re-build a liquid business infrastructure. Opportunities await leaders who leverage present-future skills and tools to forge new frontiers, and take the lead in the transformation to an agile, innovative and sustainable organisation.

Build up your future fitness and frame the strategic renewal for your business at SMEICC Conference Series 2021.

15 Sept

9.45am – 12pm

SMEICC Conference Series Opening – The Great Re-Set: Be FIT for the Future
Welcome Address   欢迎致辞
Mr Roland Ng
Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Opening Address   开幕致辞
Guest-of-Honour 大会主宾

Mr Gan Kim Yong
Minister for Trade & Industry
贸工部长 颜金勇先生
Opening Plenary: The Great Re-Set: Be FIT for the Future
Global disruptions have significant impact on the social, economic and technological ecosystems in a rapidly changing world. Are you prepared for the future, and how do businesses become Future-Fit? What should leaders do to re-set their mindset and change their business DNA to construct a blueprint for success?
Prof Kishore Mahbubani
Distinguished Fellow,
Asia Research Institute
National University of Singapore
Mr Anton Ruddenklau
Head of Financial Services & Global Co-Leader, Fintech
KPMG International
Mr Lim Yau Boon
President & Managing Director
Nextech AR Solutions Asia Pacific Japan
Mr Paul Duffy
President & Chairman of the Board
Nextech AR Solutions
Session Chair
Prof Annie Koh
Professor Emeritus of Finance (Practice) & Senior Academic Advisor,
Business Families Institute and International Trading Institute
Singapore Management University

15 Sept

2pm – 4pm

论坛 – 创新转型新理念  制胜疫情新常态 

21 Sept

10am – 12pm

Plenary – FIT-For-Future SME Blueprint
The business landscape is in a state of re-balance. Businesses have to grapple with dynamic global challenges such as supply chain disruptions, imposed restrictions and evolving data protection laws. FIT-For-Future (3F) SMEs have to seize the opportunity to become a digital-first organisation to gain an edge over competitors. Join industry experts as they share what it takes to make the next leap forward.
Mr Leong Der Yao
Assistant Chief Executive, Sectoral Transformation Group
Infocomm Media Development Authority
Ms Gwenda Fong
Assistant Chief Executive, Policy & Corporate Development
Cyber Security Agency of Singapore
Prof Tan Sze Wee
Assistant Chief Executive, Enterprise Division
Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
Mr Jason Lim
CEO & Co-Founder
Session Chair
Mr Stephen Lim
CEO & Founder
SQL View

28 Sept

10am – 12pm

In Partnership With:
Plenary – The Hybrid Future of Work, Workforce and Workplace
The shift to a hybrid future of work has seen a rise in businesses adopting flexible work arrangements and workspaces. Is the hybrid model more resilient to economic fluctuations? With employee development gaining in importance, what skillsets and tools are more valued in the future economy? How can leaders make use of data and technology to create effective strategies?
Ms Sean Kuan Thye
Managing Director, Employee Experience Design & Implementation
FedEx Express Asia Pacific
Mr Ang Wee Tiong
Founder & CEO
Mr Peter Andrew
Executive Director, Asia Pacific, Workplace Strategy
CBRE Singapore
Session Chair
Mr Alvin Goh
Executive Director
Singapore Human Resources Institute
In Partnership With:

30 Sept

10am – 12pm

Plenary – Re-Imagine Work through Digital Transformation
Hybrid work models have moved in tandem with digital transformation in the past year. To facilitate remote and flexi work arrangements, many companies have undergone business re-engineering to streamline workflows and optimise manpower through technology. Learn ways businesses can make use of digital tools to re-design and transform work processes fit for the future economy.
Mr Tan Choon Chai
Senior Vice President, Product & Business IT
SPTel Pte Ltd
Mr Kenneth Siow
Regional Director for Southeast Asia and General Manager, Singapore
Tencent Cloud International
Mr Julian Chan
Digital Experience Lead, Asia Pacific
Mr Vishnu Bhan
Director, 5G Customer Engagement

5 Oct

10am – 12pm

Plenary – Re-Balancing the Core of Your Organisation
Getting ready for the future economy is not just about using more and better technology. Re-balancing your business priorities to sync your people, culture and structure to the goals of the company is key. How do businesses formulate a successful transformation plan to re-align their workforce, internal systems and processes to navigate the new era of exponential change?
Mr Benjamin Chua
Founder & CEO
Speco Singapore
Mr Choo Jun Wei
Executive Director
Mao Sheng Quanji Construction
Ms Lisa Askwith
Session Chair
Mr Goh Jia Yong
Partner, People Advisory Services – Workforce Advisory
Ernst & Young Advisory Pte. Ltd.

7 Oct

10am – 12pm

Plenary – Making $en$e of Productivity
Increasing productivity has always been a priority for organisations, whether it is business output or employee productivity. But what does productivity mean to business owners, and does it always translate into dollars and cents? How do businesses break out of the productivity “mold” to transform into a sustainable organisation?
Mr Travin Singh
Founder & Group CEO
Mr Manik Bhandari
CEO & Founder
Vulcan AI
Mr Frank Chen
Founder & Managing Director
BR Metals
Session Chair
Mr Roger Loo
Executive Director
BDO LLP, Singapore

13 Oct

10am – 12pm

Plenary – Re-Balance Your Business Strategy with the Government
Rapidly changing business environment and increasingly competitive market are posing dramatic challenges for businesses. It is very important for SMEs to re-balance the business and development strategy in order to succeed in this new normal. Hear from various agencies on how you can work together with the government to build up your competitive advantage and advance your business.
Ms Irshathbanu Abdul Kadir
Manager, Enterprise Programmes Division
Workforce Singapore
Mr Eric Chin
Principal Manager
SkillsFuture Singapore
Mr Tan Yick Loong
Assistant Director, Partnership@YR, Reintegration Group
Yellow Ribbon Singapore
Ms Low Jin Wei
IP Strategist, Client Lead
IPOS International (subsidiary of IPOS)
Mr Terence Seah
Deputy Director (Business and Economics)
Competition & Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS)
Mr Seng Woei Yuan
Deputy Director, SWITCH
Enterprise Singapore
Mr Ho Yew Wee
Director, Local Enterprise Office, Advanced Manufacturing & Precision Engineering
Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

19 Oct

10am – 12pm

Plenary – Re-Balance Towards a Sustainable Business
Sustainability is not just an issue for the environmentalists. Climate change has caused significant ripple effects on both businesses and consumers, from diminishing yields, rising inflation rates to disruptions to the global supply chain. Join our experts as they share how leaders can take the first step to building a sustainable business and capturing new opportunities with the help of technology.
Dr Norsaidatul Akmar Binti Mazelan
Sustainable Business Network Association Malaysia (SustNET)
Mr Terence Teo
Sales Leader, PointNext and GreenLake
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Prof Loh Xian Jun
Executive Director
Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR
Ms Jeong Yoon Mee
Executive Director, Sustainable Finance Group, Global Corporate Bank
Session Chair
Mr Daniel Ng
Senior Director, Marketing

21 Oct

10am – 12pm

论坛 – 后疫情复苏新时代:创新与永续发展的共筑和共赢
《2030年新加坡绿色发展蓝图》的发布不仅意味着我国朝向实现零排放的目标迈进,其所带来的绿色发展标杆将推动后疫情时代的高质量发展。企业领导必须对可持续性的发展动态及未来的影响有所掌握,方能以正确的思维角度为企业和环境共筑互惠共赢的永续发展新优势。 拥有创新与永续发展丰富经验的主讲嘉宾将和与会者分享后疫情复苏新时代下,永续发展大趋势为企业带来的潜在发展机遇,以及如何以创新思维和方法,引领企业注入可持续性和发展性兼具的新契机与新动能。

材料科学工程系客座副教授 新加坡国立大学


26 Oct

10am – 12pm

Plenary – Tapping the Immense Potential of the e-Conomy
With the internet economy projected to continue on its tremendous growth spurt, businesses that adopted digital technologies and services early undoubtedly have an edge over their competitors. For companies which have yet to jump on the bandwagon, what massive business opportunities are you missing out on? Learn how to leverage on this global shift as we dissect the economic success of the e-Conomy.
Mr Patrick Cao
Ms Debbie Lee
Founder & CEO
Mr Daniel Lee
Head of Business and Listing
DBS Digital Exchange
Session Chair
Prof Annie Koh
Professor Emeritus of Finance (Practice) & Senior Academic Advisor,
Business Families Institute and International Trading Institute
Singapore Management University

28 Oct

10am – 12pm

Plenary – Future-Gaze into Emerging Industries
As the world gets smarter and more innovative, the next breakthrough may just be won by the next risk-risker. Meet these aspiring entrepreneurs who have created new businesses centred around methodologies and technologies that may not yet be market proven. What opportunities do they see in these emerging industries and do they hold the potential to grow into the next big thing?
Dr Ling Ka Yi
Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder
Shiok Meats
Dr Zhang Yanliang
Founder & Chief Scientist
Weston Robot
Dr David Klinzing
Chief Technology Officer
Imagene Labs
Session Chair
Mr Tay Woon Teck
Managing Director, Business Consulting & Head of Private Client Services

2 Nov

10am – 12pm

In Partnership With:
Plenary – Is Your Business Future-Ready? It’s Time to Go Digital!
With the pandemic disrupting almost every sector of Singapore’s economy, SMEs that adopted digital technologies are better able to cope with business challenges, transform operational models and leverage new opportunities via digital platforms.
Find out how SMEs can further use digital technology to gain a bigger competitive edge and transform your business model to grow in the new normal, with whole-of-Government support through initiatives by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).
Ms Charlene Wong
Assistant Director, Innovation & Tech Ecosystem
Infocomm Media Development Authority
Mr Lee Chin Siong
Vice President
Heng Foh Tong Medical Hall
Mr Jason Teo
Assistant Director, Ecosystem Development & Engagement
Infocomm Media Development Authority
Ms Jamie Neo
Manager, Marketing & Digital Innovation
Soon Aik Group
Ms Phoebe Low
Senior Manager, SMEs Go Digital
Infocomm Media Development Authority
In Partnership With:

9 Nov

10am – 12pm

论坛 – 新形态消费与市场趋势: 新力量 新升级 新动能
新冠肺炎疫情将在何时、以何种方式落下帷幕尚不得而知,但是人们的消费习惯与市场供需因疫情的动态演变和影响正经历着前所未有的变革。企业领导唯有探析消费与市场发展趋势的因果,方能为企业制定相应的发展策略。 专家学者将和与会者分享如何在后疫情时代不断演变的消费与市场趋势中,以新力量和新动能为企业的经营和营销手法进行转型升级,撷取新形态消费趋势蕴藏的经贸合作新商机,为企业的未来发展增添羽翼。
Fruits Vending
Wemedia Consulting 维众咨询
Yocorn Food Enterprise

11 Nov

10am – 12pm

Plenary – Attaining the True Promise of Digital Commerce

Many companies have joined the e-commerce revolution to meet the demands of the changing economy, but the investment may not have yielded desired results for some businesses. Besides reaching out to a wider market, how can e-commerce really benefit businesses? What can you do to fully maximise its potential?
Mr Jackson Ng
Head, Digital Business Transformation Centre (DBTC)
Temasek Polytechnic
Mr Hendrick Ho
Co-Founder & Social Media Marketing Specialist

16 Nov

10am – 12pm

Plenary – The Race for Strategic Renewal: Building Resilient & Sustainable Businesses
The disruptive business landscape has forced companies to rapidly adjust and re-strategise to meet evolving market and customer demands. Leading the competition are companies who have re-built a flexible business model to design for a resilient and sustainable ecosystem. What are the winning strategies of these industry champions who have chosen to embrace flexibility in the environment of change?
Mr Murray Ko
Founder & CEO
Meridian International Holding
Ms Joyce Seow
Group Executive Director
Watson E.P. Industries
Mr John Cheng
Founder & Managing Director
Innovate 360
Mr Ong Wee Min
Vice President, Conventions & Exhibitions
Marina Bay Sands
Session Chair
Mr Chia Kim Huat
Regional Head, Corporate and Transactional Group
Rajah & Tann Singapore

18 Nov

10am – 12pm

Plenary – Renewal: Is Your Business “Sunrise” or “Sunset”?
In this rapidly changing world, many established and successful companies have failed overnight. Modern industries, not just traditional sectors, are also at risk of becoming obsolete if they do not re-shape their mindsets to think forward and evolve in these uncertain times. What should leaders do to transform their businesses and avoid crossing the fine line between “sunrise” and “sunset”?
Mr Ivan Chua
Marketing Director
Mr Alvin Yapp
Mr Bryon Koh
Lion Heartlanders
Session Chair
Mr Andy Leck
Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow

23 Nov

10am – 12pm

Plenary – The Success Formula in the Global Arena
An appetite for risk and the unknown may not be for everyone, but are second-nature for these overseas business owners who have overcame the odds to achieve success in their home country and globally. What are the opportunities and challenges that they face in their entrepreneurial journey? What can businesses learn from their experience?
Mr Owen Chen
Group Chief Executive Officer
Neurogine Group (Malaysia)
Mr Nutthanai Ninek
Business Development Manager | 2nd Generation
Tropicana Oil (Thailand)
Dr Tran Dang Khoa
Co-Founder & R&D Director
TRIVIE (Vietnam)
Mr Tony Jape
Group Managing Director
Dili Development Company (Timor Leste)
Session Chair
Dr Sandy Chong
Principal Consultant
Verity Consulting

25 Nov

10am – 12pm

Plenary – Entrepreneurial Road Map of Going Global from the Little Red Dot
International expansion is a milestone for every organisation. For these entrepreneurs who have gone global, what are their main considerations in bringing their brands out of Singapore? Join us as our local business leaders share their views on gaining a foothold in an unfamiliar foreign market and the rewards of venturing overseas.
Mr Dave Ng
Big Tiny
Mr Benjamin Wong
Co-Founder & CEO
Ms Grace Ho
SWAT Mobility
Ms Rhonda Wong
Co-Founder & CEO
Session Chair
Mr Terence Oh
Director of Dealing (Asia)
Western Union Business Solutions

30 Nov

2pm – 4pm

SMEICC Conference Series Closing
Ministerial Dialogue: Digitalisation Road Map towards Future-FIT SMEs
Welcome Remarks 欢迎致辞
Mr Roland Ng
Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Remarks by Minister   部长致辞
Mrs Josephine TEO
Minister for Communications and Information and Second Minister for Home Affairs

Ministerial Dialogue with Distinguished Guests   部长与大会贵宾对话
Join Minister for Communications and Information, Mrs Josephine Teo, as she engages in a ‘live’ chat with two local SME bosses from the retail and wholesale trade sectors on how going digital transformed their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out how your business can also go digital to overcome disruptions, and capture new growth opportunities amidst global challenges to be future-ready.
Ms Nichol Ng
Managing Director
FoodXervices Inc.
Mr Jason Lee
Founder & CEO
Scent by SIX