敬请浏览有关参加SMEICC 2023 的常见问题。

- Registration -

凡中小企业领导、行业领导、企业管理层(C-suites),专业、 经理、执行及技术员工(PMET)皆能报名参与大会。 


Kindly check your “junk mail” folder or “spam” folder in your email inbox. If you have not received the acknowledgement, please email the Secretariat (smeicc@sccci.org.sg) with Subject: Status of My Registration.

Please note the acknowledgment email is not a final confirmation. A confirmation email with a QR code will be sent closer to the Conference if selected during registration

Upon successful registration, registrants will receive an acknowledgement email. The official confirmation email will be sent to you from 27 September 2024 onwards.

Access to event is complimentary. SMEICC is a not-for-profit business event of knowledge update and peer sharing for the local business community.

Please note that prior registration is required and non-registered participants may be turned away. 

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and will close once all the seats are filled.


由于座位有限,参会是依据先到先得方式处理。如果名额已满,未预先注册者可能被拒绝进入会场。 特此提醒有意参会者务须预先注册,以避免在现场长时间等候办理注册手续。


On the event day, please proceed to the Registration station at Suntec Singapore, Level 4 outside of Hall 403 & 404 with your confirmation email with the QR code.

 Participants are required to download the QR code on their phone or a physical copy of the QR code.


Registration begins at 9.00am.

预计大会吸引众多人士出席,请尽早到达现场办理入场手续,以避免长时间等待并确保您的席位。 席位以先到先得的方式处理,额满即止,迟到者将被拒绝入场。

分组会议 - 会议室将在活动开始前 15 分钟开放予参会者入场。

商务正装。 主办机构保留拒绝穿着不整齐者进入会场参加此商务活动的权利。

Slippers and shorts are strictly prohibited.



  • 主办机构新加坡中华总商会有权在任何情况下,拒绝任何人士或团体入场
  • No recording and videoing are permitted at all conference tracks.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Drop us a mail at smeicc@sccci.org.sg.